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Dusty and dirty car art

Don't wash my car! I will draw some amazing pictures of dust. :) Enjoy the gallery!

Awesome Caricatures

We all know what is a caricature, someone of you probably made your boss one (if he is the good one), or for some family member! Maybe the funniest way to draw someones face is to make his caricature! You must admit that these artists here have a good job of making fun of people! :) We have collected some of the funniest caricatures of famous people! Please enjoy and try to guess who they are! :)

Awesome Pumpkin Carving

Whoever carves these pumpkins must be one extra good artist! We have all seen scary faces carved on pumpkins but these look like they are alive just like you and me! It's creepy how much can something look real if you are skilled and talented artist! Halloween is near so if you have no idea of how to carv your pumpkins here are some quite interesting and scary ones!! :) Please enjoy in these pics and pick your favorite! Then take your tools and start carving!! :)

Delicious Cupcakes

Whoever makes these cupcakes surely must have strong self control! I just know that wouldn't waste any second after making them to take pictures, they would be eaten right away! :) It's nice that someone is trying to make such beautiful art on something so simple as a cupcake. People already love them, now they have just got another thing to love about them! You will find here many cartoon characters well known to kids (of course, the greatest fans of sugar) and to us a bit older folks! :) Please enjoy in these cupcakes, we are sorry but you can just look at them, who knows where the real ones are now! :)

Amazing Acrylic Body Painting

At first look you might say that this is a photoshop, but it isn't! :) Most people use acrylic paint to create portraits on canvas, while Alexa Meade applied acrylic paints on her subjects and then took a photo! With this technique you get real photo with a painted portrait inside - but it is also a real person standing there! Unbelieveable! If you take a closer look you will see that this isn't a photoshop, but a stunning and unique way of making art! Please take a look and enjoy!!  

Awesome Foot Tattoos

We have seen almost everything when it's about tattoos, but still there are some that surprise us! When we look at the whole body, foot is rather unusual place to put a tattoo on! Although with some interesting design it can look really cool! This collection of photos shows you some of the best ideas of tattoo designs that you can put on your feet! Your's is just to pick one and get one for yourself, if you are a tattoo type of person! :) If not, just sit back and enjoy in these great tattoos!

Amazing Portraits on Apple iPad

If you think that tablet PC's are useless unless you are just trying to be cool with the latest model, maybe you should think again. These pictures will prove you that you can do amazing stuff with this new piece of technology! This young artist makes stunning portraits of famous people just by tapping with his fingers! You can see here step by step how he is making these fine works of art, and the best thing is that when he finishes - his hands stay clean of paint! :) Please enjoy!

Beautiful Rain Photography

Summer is long gone a we are left with few sunny days until rains start to fall! You can say that sunny day is better than rainy one, but every once in a while, when sun starts to get boring and too hot, we wish for some rain to fall! And we enjoy it! In these moments best thing to do is to get a camera and take pictures of people enjoying in the rain! Water is everything, yet we take it for granted just because it gets us wet sometimes! Please enjoy in this great collection of rain falling! It can be beautiful just as any other sunny day! :)

Cute Baby Photos - Mila's Daydreams

While many babies sleep peacefully in their cradles, this little girl has a real photosession while she's dreaming! As you can see here, her parents make a scenery around her and take pictures while she sleeps! I guess they are so into their little baby that they can't be still even when the baby is sleeping! It will be interesting for this little girl when she grows up to see all these images of her being a rockstar, superman, butterfly and many more! Until then, we can enjoy in these pictures of little angel! Please pick your favourite!

Awesome Art Inside Light Bulb

We have seen all kinds of amazing and creative works of art, but this is something really original! Here is a tutorial of how to make a small garden inside a light bulb! All you need for this is some mosh, grass, sand, pliers and of course a light bulb and the business can begin! Use your imagination to create something your guests wood talk about for days on! Impress your lady or someone you like with this unique present! Possibilities are endless! We hope these photos will help you! Enjoy!

Weird and Unique Truck Art

I bet you never saw anything like this driving around your neighbourhood, unless you live in Pakistan! These trucks are most uniqely decorated trucks I've ever seen. They have so many colourful decorations that almost make these trucks unrecognisable. Thise truly shows how different cultures may vary and how amazing it is that all these amazing things exist on just one planet!  Please take a look at these stunningly decorated trucks and try to pick one favourite! :)

Are You Affraid of Heights?

Are you affraid of heights? I guess these guys aren't! :) These photographers climb on to the some of the highest points in cities to make their photos! I must say that I am amazed with dedication to this art and their lack of fear! I hope that no one of them gets hurt because some of these photos look quite dangerous! Please take a look at these photos in appreciation for their work and of course enjoy! :)

Amazing Origami Creations

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, which started somewhere around 17th century AD at the latest and was popularized outside Japan in the mid-1900s. Since then origami evolved into a modern art form! Many people now try to make the best creation of simple piece of paper! This collection contains some of the most interesting origami designes! Please take a look and enjoy! 

Incredible Body Art

This amazing body art photos is made by an American artist Michael Rosner. Each work of art is painted on a live model, paint-on-skin before it is photographed in high resolution. When you see these pictures you won't believe that these are real people and not some sci-fi computer made characters! But they are real as you and me! :) His Body Painting Art Work is photographed and displayed at Galleries around the world, so if you catch it somewhere near you be sure to visit exhibition! This is something that is sure to be seen! :) Enjoy in this collection!

Pokemon pumpkins

You may say that this is childish but when you look at these stunning photos you will definitely change your mind! Pokemons marked a lot of childhood memories but they are just a theme here and that could be anything! We only hope these pumpkins aren't only made for halloween, because it's something that deserves admiring in every time of year! Details and precision of cutting, making parts of them more brighter for more realistic look is just few of the things that are so amazing with these masterpieces! Hope you will like it as much as we did! Please enjoy!

Amazing egg art by Franz Grom

When have seen all kinds of art here but this is something truly interesting! This guy uses egg shells for his art material and only a drill for a tool! Everything else needed for these masterpieces is enormous amount of patience and talent! Grom is making a number of artistic shapes on the egg using a small drilling machine to carve the pictures. It is approximately needed 2,500 to 3,500 holes in each egg shell to make one piece. Isn't this is something...:) Please enjoy in these pictures and pick your favourite! :)

Amazing wood carvnigs

I'm sure that if you have any interest in this kind of art that you will love these pictures! These wood carvings are the work of Sergey Bobkov, who is a secondary school teacher from Russia. He somehow succeded to make these wooden sculptures look so alive and real! :) Everything you see is made out of wood! I bet there is a lot of time invested here to make something amazing like this! Please enjoy in these sculptures!

Brilliant forced perspective photography

When it comes to optical illusions this tehnique of photography is the best! Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It is used primarily in photography, filmmaking and architecture. If you know how to take a photo then you can also change something quite simple to something creative or abstract! It isn't always about talent, sometimes it's about perfect timing and environment! Please check out these stunning pictures and pick your favourite!

World's best sand sculptures

We have all used to love playing in sand when we were kids, and I believe many of us still do! Making castles of sand is something that was a daily routine! It brings out so much creativity out of kids and all you need for this is sand and a bit of water, and there is plenty of both on the seaside! :) We have here a collection of sand sculptures that are considered to be world's best. Check them out and see for yourself what it looks like when professionals play in sand! :) Enjoy and pick your favourite!

Amazing pencil art

Pencil is the most simple drawing tool, yet there is so much possible with it! We have here a collection of drawings made only with pencil. Some drawings look so real that you would think that it could only be a photograph, but it isn't - it's all made by a skillful hand...These drawings are mostly of popular actors and musicians, so it wont be a problem recognizing them!  Those who think that pencil drawing is a thing of past will change their minds when they see these pictures! Please take a look at these amazing drawings and pick your favourite! Enjoy! :)

Amazing tattoos

Tattoo is something you either love or disgust. Even though some don't like ink inside human's body, they can't deny how beautiful tattoos can be! This collection proves that tattoos are more than just names of loved ones or symbols, they can be real works of art - of course, if done by professional! Everyone has an idea of what amazing tatoo is, but the following designs are truly capturing people's imagination! Please take a look and enjoy!

Food inspired jewelry

Here is something that will surely bring color to your everyday life! You don't see often on women's (or men's) ears or necks your favourite breakfast in a form of jewelry! These realistic food sculptures were crafted out of polymer clay and look very eatable! Each creation is unique and features slightly different details. Just from looking at them you get appetite for one ice cream or a cookie! :) Please enjoy in these pictures of great jewelry and pick your favourite!!

Chewing gum art

What do you do with your bubble gum after you're done chewing it and blowing bubbles?? Well, probably you will stick it somewhere or just throw it away on a sidewalk. Thats why there is so many bubble gums out there! Someone would think that this would be disgusting, but not Ben Wilson - this guy uses these flat gums as drawing board for his amazing pictures! It seems that potential art is everywhere around us, we just have to see it...Please check out these pictures and enjoy!!

Cool lego sculptures

Lego is surely the most creative and versatile toy ever invented! With many different bricks you can make your own toys to play with! Simply it is something that you never grow out of, because there is always something to build! :) Here we have a collection of lego sculptures that were made by people who take their bricks really seriously! This is what you get when you don't quit playing with lego when you are grow up! Enjoy in these pictures and pick your favourite!

Incredible eye makeup

Makeup artist Katie Alves is creating these amazing drawings using just everyday makeup! After one treatment your eyelids will look like they are from some fairy tale! :) Her favourite drawings are from Disney's cartoons, but there are many others that are also fantasitc like halloween themed drawings! One eyelid takes about two hours to be done, so it isn't fast process, but surely is worth waiting! Please take a look at some examples and pick your favourite! Enjoy!

London graffiti

Despite controversies that surround graffiti creating disagreement amongst law enforcement and graffiti artists, it is still rapidly developing in any modern city. Some of them express social and political messages and some are truly gang related. That's the reason why some of them consider it as vandalism, and some think it should be displayed in galleries and exhibitions! Check out some of the best graffitis from the streets of London and decide what shuold it be! :) Enjoy!

Awesome balloon sculptures

We all remember funny balloon animals made by clowns at the circus, but these guys took it to another level! They are called ''Twisters'', ''Balloon Benders'' and ''Balloon Artists'' and they will make you anything your imagination can think of! :) From famous pictures, to animals and everyday objects, these sculptures will blow your mind with their complexity and accuracy! Please enjoy in these awesome sculptures and pick your favourite!

Pencil drawing inside photo

His name is Ben Heine and he managed to turn everyday landscapes into something amazing. He used pencil drawing and put it in his workframe and took a photo! The results were almost unbelievable. These magnificent works of art will stretch your imagination and change your view of world for at least a moment, while you are watching them. Please enjoy in these amazing photographs!

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