Amazing Super Mario Cakes (12 pics)

Unusual Buildings (18 pics)

Amazing Pencil Drawings (18 pics)

The Ugliest Tattoo (16 pics)
Creative and amazing workplaces (15 pics)

Today, we present you some really amazing workplaces. Enjoy!

Hopen Place in the Hollywood Hills (15 pics)

This is really amazing house. The Hopen Place was done by Whipple Russell Architects. Enjoy the gallery!

Happy Valentines Day Photos (15 pics)

Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy the gallery!

Amazing Jennifer Anistonís New House (16 pics)

Jennifer Aniston bought a new house in Los Angeles. The mansion is worth $21 million. Enjoy the gallery!

Brand Tattoos (12 pics)

Today, we present you brand tattoos. Enjoy the gallery!

Waterfalls Restaurant in Villa Escudero, Philippines (12 pics)

This amazing restaurant - The Waterfalls Restaurant is located Quezon Province, Villa Escudero, Philippines. Philippines.This amazing restaurant allows peopel to enjoy a nice meal right at the foot of a small waterfall. Enjoy the gallery!

Just Awesome (18 pics)

Enjoy the gallery!

VW Tattoos (14 pics)

Do you like cars? Which model is your favorite? Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Volkswagen? These people are crazy for VW.  Enjoy the gallery!

Awesome Cakes (16 pics)

Love to eat cakes? Then you're in the right place! Today we brings you some very creative and awesome cakes. Enjoy the gallery!

Allure of the Seas, World's Largest Cruise Ship (12 pics)

Allure of the Seas is a cruise ship owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International. Together with her sister ship, Oasis of the Seas, she holds the record for the largest passenger ship ever constructed. Enjoy the gallery!

Incredible 3D Street Art Illusions (22 pics)

Today we brings you another fascinating 3D Street Art gallery! 3d Street Art, often known as 3d chalk art is 2-dimensional artwork that gives you a 3-dimensional optical illusion from a certain perspective. Enjoy the gallery!

Crazy Japanese school buses (15 pics)

Some things can only be seen in Japan. Today we will introduce crazy Japanese school buses. Enjoy the gallery!

Creative Hook Designs

You don't quite notice them at your home or when you are visiting someone, but they surely deserve some attention if you are about to make some redecorating. These hook designs will be interesting to anyone who has an eye for details and wants his living space to be personalised as much as possible. This wont make any radical changes to your interior design, but it is a step towards it! :) Please check these out and pick your favourite!

Awesome Concept Bikes

When it's about concept of almost anything, from the beginning is clear that it is something awesome! These concept bikes are no exception! With every detail it's obvious that this isn't something you can see everyday on the streets! For now, these monster-bikes are only 3D models for some possible future production! It has definitely some quite interesting ideas! Please enjoy in this collection of amazing concept bikes and pick your favourite!!

Awesome Steampunk Jewelry

This surely isn't jewelry that we have used to see people wearing, but surely it would bring some attention to you! Steampunk is a subculture that uses science fiction and alternate history elements to make something rather unusual when seen from today's perspective. Nevertheless this subculture has many followers around the world with it's specific dress code! This collection shows you some of their jewelry, which might not be suitable for your modern lifestyle but still it would be cool to show up somewhere with one of these rings! Please take a look and enjoy in this amazing jewelry designs!

Cool Designs Using Tattoo Lettering

Most common type of tattoos that people put on their body is of course text! You can find many interesting quotes and sayings about life, love and such stuff on people's arms, backs and so on! But this article isn't about the contet of these quotes, we want you to focus on the way these tattoos were made and their design! This collection shows you some of the most interesting designs using tattoo lettering that will surely look mind blowing even if it says some nonsense! Though, there are some really interesting quotes too! :) Please check them out and pick your favourite!

Awesome Closets

If there is one thing that all of us would love to have in our house, it's the ''walk in a closet'' type of closet! You can have everything organized and in one place! This is especially liked by women who just must have 100 pairs of shoes even though they wear just few of them! They can put them on a large shelf so they can stand there as a monument! :) We havce here a collection of best designed closets that will surely blow your mind! Enjoy!

Creative Bookshelf Designs

If you are planning to re-decorate your living space and just don't know where to put all those books and cd's, maybe this is where you will find your solution. These designs are both unique and creative, and will surely bring refreshment into your living room. Of course there is also the looks on guest's faces when they see something like this on your wall! Please take a look at this collection and pick your favourite! If you aren't re-decorating you can still enjoy in creativity human mind can come up with!

Amazing Carpets

They are one of the most important things in your living room making our environment more comfortable to our feet and our eyes! :) We have here some of the most creative and amazing carpets that you will ever see, so if you are decorating your living space - maybe try to find some of these examples! We are sure your guests will love it!  :) Having some of these carpets makes you wanna lie on them instead on a couch! :) They are really amazing, so enjoy in these pictures and pick your favourite!

The Most Luxurious Car Interiors

We usually don't notice it first, because whole car exterior gets in the way and we are amazed how amazing it looks like from the outside. But as the old saying goes: ''Real beauty comes from inside'', I guess that's true even when it's about cars! Inside of a car is what counts the most when we are driving it, not the outside! We have here a collection of the most luxurious and expensive car interiors, for you to see that there is more to see from a car than just it's outside! Please take a look at these beauties and pick your favourite! :) 

The craziest Japanese concept cars

Imagine having a roadster that turns into a camper? Well back in history there were guys who thought of that.. Guessing? Of course, Japanese! :) When it's about break-through designs or technologies they are alway first!  You can see here every kind of weird door (and the gull-wing is nothing compared to these). This collection of odd, beautiful, and not so practical concept cars from Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and more goes back a half-century. Some of them were pioneers for some todays biggest car stars! Please enjoy and pick your favourite!

Unusual bus stops around the world

We see them every day when we wait for bus, but in most cases bus stops are so ordinary and boring places to be in that you would want to walk to school or work! :) Still there are some occasions when bus stops make you want bus to be late, because they look so amazing! We have here a collection of amazing bus stops from around the world that will blow your mind! If there were no buses stopping there, you would never think that it is a bus stop! I wish there are more bus stops like these, people would surely drive their cars less! Enjoy and pick your favourite!

Amazing business cards

It's no matter what business are you in, business card should always be something rememberable for your customers! This is especially important for those in field of design, such as web developers or artists of any kind. Designed like this, they represent unique connection between your company and your clients! Here we have a collection of some of the most creative ones, so if you have a business of your own, maybe consider having one of these! Enjoy in these cards and pick your favourite! :)

Awesome clocks

One of the most important thing in our life is time, so it is no wonder that people try to tell time in all kinds of creative ways! We have here a collection of some of the most creative and interesting ones! Imagine putting one of these in your living room, just how cool would that be! :) Some even don't look like clocks and aren't so easy to tell time from them, but still they are interesting and useful works of art! Please enjoy in these pictures and pick your favourite!

Mercedes SLS AMG

You may disagree with it's colour or it's powertrain choice, but you can't argue with 530 horsepower! This piece of machinery and artwork is the latest supercar that came from our german car-making masters! Once again they confirmed their reputation as one of the best!  This luxury grand tourer automobile is developed to replace the SLR McLaren model and is described as a spiritual successor to the 300SL Gullwing. Please enjoy in these pictures!

Weird guitars

If you are a guitar player, whatever your tastes are, there is a guitar for you! Choice is great, from Gibson to Fender and many other manufacturers that will offer you different sounds! But if you want something more from your guitar, maybe consider getting one of these! Besides great sound, you will get weird and bizzare shaped guitar that will definitely get attention of your audience! Please enjoy in these unusual guitars and pick your favourite! :)

Unusual bench designs

Here's interesting way to show you how common and boring stuff from around us, can be really cool and inovative. These benches are everything but usual! :) Even if you aren't tired, you would wanna try to sit on these amazing works of art! I hope someday to see in my neighbourhood benches like on these photos! Please enjoy in these great designs and pick your favourite!!

Aston Martin One-77

Here's something that doesn't need to be introduced much. This work of art came from Aston Martin's workshop and it's one of the most expensive and most exclusive cars today! Company produced only 77 of these, and they are all handbuilt!! They say it represents the culmination of all the company has learned since its founding in 1913. Only thing left to say about this car is that it costs about 1.4 million dollars! If you wonder how fast it goes, lets just say - it goes fast enough! :)

Funny and weird shoes

They probably aren't the most comfortable shoes, but surely they are interesting and weird! If you are a girl and love to wear high heels, you will find here many different and funny styles to try on! There is also some practical footwear like shoes with built in cd player! Imagine music coming out of your shoes while you are walking! :) Please check them all out, and pick your favourite!

Geneva car show

The International Geneva Motor Show is an annual auto show held in March in the Swiss city of Geneva. For all those who couldn't get there to see these examples live, here are some photos just to see what you have missed! :) New and better models, concept cars with new technologies and many more! If you like this photos you may plan to go there next year and take your own photos! Until then, enjoy in these and pick your favourite!

The most unusual chair designs

We spend much of our working time sitting on chairs, but since we never really see them we sometimes take them for granted. So we have collected something interesting for those who want to redecorate their living or working space with new furniture! We offer you weirdest and unusual chair designs! These examples would surely catch attention of your guests.. Some chairs don't look quite inviting to sit on, but surely are interesting to look at! Just try to imagine some of these in your living room! Enjoy!

The craziest celebrities hats

''Beauty is in the eye of a beholder!'', this is the only explanation why some people want to wear something so weird on their head. Maybe they are affraid that they might look too ''ordinary''! Most of these crazy creations belong to the British hat designer Phillip Treacy, and I don't think you have to be some artist to come up with ideas like this. Money can buy you a lots of things, but looks like it can't buy you a style or good taste. Enjoy in this collection of certainly unusual hats!

Amazing scooters from Japan

Take a look at some of the most stylish modded scooters from the streets of Japan.  These scooters are dressed to the max with different pipes, sound gear and amazing paint job. We often see modded cars so it isn't so surprising anymore to see, but these scooters show that they wont sit still in world of tuning, and they mean it! You could just guess while watching these pics how much effort is put there to make something awesome like this! But it's all worthy...enjoy!

Retro robot sculptures

These robot sculptures, created by Robert Bennet, are made from a mixture of everyday objects that can be found everywhere. They represent a vision of robots from 40's and 50's. It takes one month to make one robot and prices can go up to 6000 US dollars. The robots measure between 30 cm and 1 m in height and are made of metal, wood, plastic and similar materials that can be salvaged. Check out some of these unique designs and enjoy!

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