Photobombs. (12 pics)

Architectural Mistakes (12 pics)

Toys 4 Boys (16 pics)

Amazing Hairstyles Of Asians (14 pics)
Girl or Doll? (15 pics)

This girl is called Dakota Rose aka KotaKoti. She looks like a doll. Enjoy the gallery!

I Hate My Job (16 pics)

How many times have you told "I hate my job"? A lot of times? : ) Today's photo gallery is for all the people who hate their job. Enjoy the gallery!

Forever Alone (15 pics)

Do you sometimes feel lonely? This photo gallery shows 'loneliness'. Enjoy!

Life of Cops Around the World (18 pics)

Today we present to you some really funny and weird cop moments. Enjoy the gallery! : )

You Are Doing It Wrong (12 pics)

Some people do things in a completely wrong way. : ) Just that people I will present in this article. Enjoy the gallery!

Surfing Giant Waves (15 pics)

Love the sea, waves, surfing? Then, this gallery is for You. Enjoy!

At the Right Moment. (15 pics)

Today we present to You stunning photos that were taken at the right moment. Enjoy!

Bike Fails (15 pics)

Have you ever fallen from the bike? Then, this gallery is for you! :) Enjoy!

Models Falling On The Catwalk (15 pics)

Models sometimes fall into a fashion show. Just that photos I will present in this article. Enjoy the gallery!

Children Playing (14 pics)

What did you love to play with when you were young? In this article we will present children playing. Enjoy the gallery!

I Do What I Want. (16 pics)

Have you ever heard that people say 'I do what I want'. Just that peopel we will present to You in this article. Enjoy the gallery!

Skate Faces (16 pics)

Laugh with today's photo gallery of funny skate face. :)

Old People with Tattoos (12 pics)

Have you ever seen a tattooed grandfather or grandmother. If not, today You will... :)

Beautiful Wedding Photography (28 pics)

Every young girl dreams of the day when they will marry. Today, we present you some amazing photos wedding. Enjoy!

Failing Images (15 pics)

Have you ever fall from the bicycle? or from motorcycle? Today we bring you some failing Images. Enjoy!

Epic Fail (18 pics)

Enjoy the gallery! :)

Funny Family Photos (18 pics)

Laughter is all! Today we brings you some very funny family photos. Enjoy the gallery!

The Most Extreme Planking Moments (18 pics)

Planking is an activity consisting of lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location. Today, we present you some of the most extreme planking moments. Enjoy the gallery!

Dads on Vacation (20 pics)

Some fathers love to take pictures on vacation. Some of the funniest photos of fathers we will present in this article. Enjoy the gallery!

Tumblr Face Game (18 pics)

Today, we present you crazy and funny tumblr face game. Try to recognize the celebrity faces! Enjoy the gallery! :)

Photos That Make No Sense (20 photos)

Some pictures have no meaning. :) Exactly that photos that are very difficult to explain we will present to You in this Article. Maybe You can explain this photos. Enjoy the gallery!

Facebombs (18 photos)

Today, a world without Photoshop would be practically unthinkable! Today, we present you 18 craziest examples of facebombs. Enjoy the gallery!

Funny Roller Coaster Face

Today, we present you 20 funniest examples of peopel face from roller coaster. Check them out:

Funny Politicians

Politics can be very funny. Take a look on some very funny pictures of politicians. Enjoy! :)

Big Dudes On Small Bikes

By looking at these pictures I get a feeling that these bikes aren't quite made for these guys.. It seems, at least to me, that they are a bit too big for these bikes! :) Well, let them be, if they love it I don't mind! We can still laugh at them! We have here a collection of large dudes on small bikes and we hope you like it! Please take a look at them and pick your favourite!

Kids Have Fun

When you see your kid do something like this all you can do is grab a camera and take a picture. What else could you do when they are so adorable and cute in their curiosity! We have all been that age when you want to know everything and you think your'e the smartest! Yeah right... Please take a look at these hilairous photos of kids doing crazy and funny things and please pick your favourite! And of course enjoy!!

Only In Asia Vol. 2

Here's another collection of probably the most weirdest people in the world - Asians. Of course this is from our perspective! We have seen them in many situations that, I believe, can only be explained by them but they keep on surprising. Anyway we have had our laugh and new pictures are still coming, it looks like they have no problems with inspiration for all those crazy things they do! :) Please enjoy in these pictures and pick your favourite!!

All People Are Different

Maybe it's just me, but when I see these pictures it kinda hits me how this world is big and colorful indeed. Most of people are just not aware how different they are between themselves and still belong to the same specie! We live our whole lives in one place, though travel a few times it's not enough to see everything. We picked these pictures just for you to see how much diversities are among people, it's amazing to see how people in different countries and cultures have different styles! Please check them out and enjoy!

Fearless Men Risk Their Life On Duty

I don't know if these men don't know anything about fear or they are just crazy, but I wouldn't do any of these jobs no matter how much the pay is - and I wouldn't say that these men are paid much... These pictures show you people exposed to high risk on their job, but business is business and there's nothing they can do about it, job simply has to be done. It's just fascinating how fearless they look! Please check them out and enjoy!!

Funny Family Photos

There are few things that can be so hillarious or embarrasing as it coud be taking family photos! Maybe these people were carried by the moment when these pictures were taken, but surely they make some interesting faces and situations! I'm sure that they to are laughing now at these pictures no matter how long has passed since they were photographed! Let's just hope that they learned from their mistakes! These pictures are the most funniest that we could find! Please enjoy!

There I Fixed It - Second Edition

We just can't get enough of these innovative geniuses and their smart fixes! So we found another collection of people who just can't get the job right, but surely they make us laugh! :) Is it so hard to find someone professional to fix something for you, when it's obvious that you aren't the fixing type of guy! It looks like that their only purpose is to be photographed and then shown on internet pages like this one! Well...I'm fine with that! At least they make world the less boring place! :)

Unusual Goth Gathering

The goth subculture is a contemporary subculture found in many countries. They mix up their tastes in music and fashion to develop unique styles, often called weird and scary. Well, maybe they are a little scary, but you have to admit that they are interesting to see! Definitely you can't pass them without noticing! Just in case you wan't to know more about their dressing style, we have collected some pictures that might give you some pointers! :) Please enjoy in this collection and pick your favourite!

Funny Pre-Fail Pictures

It's unbelievable in what awkward situations people are capable of putting themselves. These pictures just scream that accident is about to happen, but these guys don't seem to mind! Luckily for us there has been someone around to take a photo! It's true that accidents happen but you shouldn't take your chances! This collection here shows you people who are obviously trying to get themselves hurt or embarrased! Please enjoy in these pictures and pick your favourite!

Hillarious Fashion

I don't know if these guys are joking or not.. Although on some pictures they look deadly serious for me. We have here a collection of pictures where people really don't know what to wear, so they put on themselves the funniest piece of clothes they have in their wardrobe and act like it's normal. Oh...It's far from normal.. I would say that people on these pictues are real fashion victims! You can love them, you can hate them but one thing is sure - you can't ignore them! Please enjoy in these pictures!

Hilarious Facebook Conversations

Many of us are Facebook users and we are all familiar with dumb and unbelievable statuses and even worse comments you can find there. Until I had Facebook I never knew how far can human stupidity go, but now I'm sure it can go very far! :) In case you haven't had enough of your friends ''smart'' statuses, here are some of the best! This really gets you to ask yourself in what kind of world we are living in.. :) Please enjoy in these words of ''endless wisdom'' and pick your favourite!

Camera Fails

People are experts when it's about making simple things complicated! You wouldn't believe that holding a camera could be a problem for someone, but that's not the worst! In this collection you will find people who improvise (badly) by using their binoculars in front of camera to zoom, and similar genious stuff like that! Luckily there was someone who actually knew what to hold a camera to take picture of these Einsteins! :) Enjoy in these first class noobs and pick your favourite! :)


Don't you enjoy when you take a picture and someone, just when camera shoots, jumps into frame and spoils whole picture! Well if you are the guy who  jumps out making weird faces you would probably think it's hillarious! And you should! These pictures are really funny, just because someone spoiled it! :) Otherwise it would be another boring photo of someone who doesn't have nothing better to do than photograph! Please take this for example and next time someone takes a picture - you help him by making it a little more interesting! Enjoy!

Extreme Motorcycle Stunts

Fascinating thing about motorcycles is that since their beginning people wanted to make acrobatics with them. Is it because of danger motorcycles represents or adrenaline rush because of speed, you decide.. Of course back then, you couldn't do much with them, but now in modern times when motorcycles are powerful machines you can do a lot. These guys dedicated their lives to this adrenaline pumped activity and these pictures show some of their most extreme stunts! Please enjoy in these pictures and pick your favourite!

Funny Army Photos

Spending time in army for most people is one great experience. Whether they are professionals or just serving certain amount of time, they always come home with fascinating stories! Well some of these stories also come with pictures and we have here a collection for you! You will see here that serving in army can be difficult and frustrating, but also funny and memorable! Please enjoy in some of the funniest awkward moments people had in army!

Hilarious Haircuts

If you ever thought about changing you haircut, be careful and don't go to radical with changes. I guess these people surely wanted their hair to look best but somehow plans didn't exactly went good. I don't know how these people walk out on the street with these haircuts! Or how did the hair stylists let their customers go with weirdest things on their heads, but I'm sure they bring smiles on many faces when they show up! This is worst than just bad taste, but that's just my opinion. If they love it, who am I to judge... Please check them out and see for yourself! :) Enjoy and pick your favourite!

Bad Tattoos!

We have seen many amazing tattoos here and now it's turn for something a bit different! These guys apparently had their tattoos done blindfolded or by some kids! :) Who normal would want a tattoo of ice-cream cone sitting on a toilet, or Robert Pattinson (Twilight) oh my God!? Well this kind of people! And like it's not enough, half of these tatooed words are misspelled! Please take a look at these hillarious and wrong tattoos and enjoy!

Dennis Rodman's Craziest Outfits

He was one of the best NBA players in his time, and definitely the most excentric and awkward one! :) Rodman experienced an unhappy childhood and was shy and introverted in his early years. After aborting a suicide attempt in 1993, he reinvented himself as the prototypical "bad boy" and became notorious for numerous controversial antics. Since then he is drawing attention with his dressing style and behaviour! This is his way of being bad...Enjoy in this collection of Dennis Rodmans craziest outfits and pick your favourite! :)

Awesome Guinness World Records

Here's another edition of Guinness World Records 2012! :) This time it's even bigger, longest, tallest and everything else that is measured in this book! It's funny to think about this world when we see most oddest people living with us, nature is really a wonderful thing! We highly recommend you to get this book because you will find most interesting measureable stuff about people and animals in it! Please enjoy in some of the pictures from that great collection and pick your favourite!

Funny soccer moments

Here is something for all football fans who enjoy in this great sport! Like everything else, soccer also has it's funny side and we have collected some of the funniest moments! You will see here players that look llike they are dancing ballet and fans that deserve front seats just for making funny scenes in front of the camera! Maybe those who don't like football that much, after seeing these photos, will like it a liitle bit more! Enjoy in these hillarious moments and pick your favourite! :)

Walmart people

Walmart is one of the America's biggest supermarket chain and a place where you can meet a bunch of awkward people! :) We all know that there are people who obviously don't have a mirror in their home, but it seems that they all congregate in Walmart! You can see there all kinds of Santa Clauses, women dressed in leppard-print outfit or even worse stuff that can't be explained - you will have to see for yourself! :) Please enjoy in these hillarious photos and pick your favourite!

Wedding photography disasters

There should be a law in every country that would forbid photoshopping pictures without proper knowledge about it! Once again these amazing photographers proved that this problem is getting more and more serious! :) This time on the menu were weddings! When you see these pictures you will understand what I tried to say! :) Photographs are hillarious! Please enjoy and pick your favourite!

Sleeping with pets

Here is a collection of pictures of people who sleep with their beloved pets! Some might think it's dangerous but when you look at large dog watching over a baby you must say it's adorable! People who sleep with their pets share a deep and loving connection with them and I believe that you only have to feel it in order to understand it! It may not be the healthiest way to sleep but definitely is one of the cutest ways! :) Please check out these funny and cute pictures and pick your favourite! Enjoy!

Epic gangsta fails

Surely one of the most dangerous company to be in is the gang. That's because they are directly connected to organized crime, drugs and many other illegal things - which might be cool to some people. Guys on these photos aren't gang members, they just want to look like they are! Funny thing is that they failed miserably, and instead of looking cool, they are hilarious! Please check them out and pick your favourite gangsta! :)

Weird haircuts

Some might think it's cool and some will just laugh at them! Anyway these hairstyles will definitely catch attention! If you are looking for something crazy and different you might consider some of these examples! :) In my opinion, hairstyle is the best way to personalize your look, and if someone wants to look weird and different, then let it be! In this collection you have the most colorful and abstract haircuts we could find! Please enjoy!

Amazing parkour photos

Parkour is a non competitive discipline that deals with ways to get from one place to another. Originating in France, its main purpose is to traverse mainly urban landscapes by running, climbing and jumping through obstacles. It isn't easy sport, but definitely is interesting and useful! More obstacles there is - it's better! Here are some photos of parkour moves, please check them out and enjoy!

Funny people riding subway

If there is one place on Earth where you could meet awkward and funny people, then it is definitely subway! It's a place where a lot of people is passing through, and it is impossible for all of them to look normal and blend in! :) Your job is just to have a camera and photograph them! These picures are proof of extreme diversity between humans! Please take a look and pick your favourite!

Awesome costumes

Here's something for all those who can't wait halloween or something similar where you can dress up like anything you want! If you still haven't decided what to wear, check these amazing and realistic costumes of many movies, cartoon and comic heroes! These guys really know how to make their costume party interesting, it takes some effort to make this look so real like they came right out of TV screen! Enjoy in these great photos and pick your favourite! :)

Dumb things people do

Someone said: ''Only universe and human stupidity are endless..And I'm not sure about universe...''. This explains everything about this pictures! :) People sometimes really manage to do things no one can explain and I believe neither will you! But surely it will make you laugh! Please enjoy in these pictures and pick your favourite!

Amazing and cute kids

Kids are really incredible! Sometimes they do get annoying and demanding, but when day comes to it's end, we see that they truly are our angels! You can see the kindness in their eyes, something that today's world lacks.. We should all sometimes take a break from our daily stuff and just look at them and understand what's really important, better future for these cute little ones.. Please enjoy in these inspiring and funny pictures!!

How to spoil a photo

Have you ever took a photo of your friends and then discovered that something was wrong? Someone made a freaky face and ruined that moment you wanted to capture! Whether it is accidentaly or not, for us watching this pictures it is hillarious! We have collected here some of the funniest spoiled pictures and photobombs just for you! Please enjoy and pick your favourite!

When soldiers get bored

People tend to think about army as some tough and dangerous place where you are tortured by your commanders with drills and excersices..Well, most of the time it is true, but sometimes there are occasions when these commanders aren't around and soldiers get a bit bored...:)  When this happens only thing that is needed is a camera to capture all crazy and funny stuff they are able to think of! Please take a look at some of the funniest and pick your favourite! Enjoy!!

Man who never threw anything away

Have you ever wondered what would you have if you never threw away anything? Well, we found one interesting example.. This guy collected everything through his life and now he has an exhibition of stuff! You can find here many items you also have at home, only here they are multiplied with 1000! :) Imagine just what his living room looked like before! I bet preparing this exhibition was one tough cleaning job! Please enjoy in these photos!

Funny wedding pictures

Some wedding pictures were simply never meant to be shown in photo albums, but photos somehow got here to us! You decide if we should blame or thank these photographers for keeping this pictures as secret ''so well'' ! Than again, how could we laugh at these funny moments! Weddings are supposed to be funny and memorable, and whats the best way to make it so than to pull out something creative and unusual, accidentally or not, it doesn't matterl! :)) Enjoy in these great pictures!

If the world had a 100 people

Here are some very interesting facts about our lovely world seen from a different perspective. Imagine that the world is a village with only 100 people, what do you think how many people could read, or how many people would have electricity? This and many other questions are answered here. If you are able to read this post on your computer, you should consider yourself lucky because you belong to that very few who have computer, if the world was a village of 100 people...

Weird senior portraits

In North America, senior portraits are formal portraits taken of students at the beginning of their senior year of high school. It dates back at least to the 1920s. Modern senior portraits may include virtually any pose or clothing choice, within the limits of good taste. But, there are always individuals who just get across that limit of good taste.. :) In their endeavor to be different they make themselves funny and weird! Message: don't do experiments with these ''once in a lifetime'' situations. Just try to be normal!  :) Enjoy!

Funny asians

There are many cultures and many different people in this world, but there is one group of people that somehow  stands out. Yes, they are Asians and some of these situations can only be found in Asia. They have their own style and way of life so different than any other that you can't even compare it. Check some of the funniest pictures and see for yourself! Enjoy! :))

24 Worst Tan Disasters

Today we present to You 25  worst tan disasters. Enjoy the photo gallery.

Crazy way to drink

There are a lot of people who drink alcohol! Birthdays, weddings, christenings - all a reason to have a drink and have fun!  Today we present to You top 20  girls with creative and crazy ways to drink. Please Enjoy!

Top 16 best overloaded transport pictures

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12 People Being Arrested in Funny Costumes

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15 funny and weird family pictures

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12 craziest Scientific and Geeky Tattoos

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Top 10 Funniest Sports Moments

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15 TV Show Mistakes

Have you ever noticed mistakes in Seinfeld, friends and other series? Mistakes in films and TV series aren't rare. It only takes a little concentration to them to see it. Today we present to you the 15 biggest mistakes on most popular TV series. Please Enjoy!



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