Epic fails

Epic Fail - A mistake of such monumental proportions that it requires its own term in order to sucessfully point out the stupidity and ignorance of people! We have here a collection of pictures that will show you how far stupidity can go! :) When you see these pictures you will probably ask yourself in what kind of world we are living in, when these things are happening to people! Well, at least there is always someone there to take a picture so we can laugh at it! Please enjoy in these pictures and pick your favourite!

1. What is it? Hulk or Shrek??


2. Ahh ''Little Angel''! :) Every child want's it for christmas! :


3. I hope she won't get lost somewhere...


4. These wannabe gangsters are the saddest thing in world....:)


5. Of course you can! :)


6. ''Free''...yeah...


7. Ahh poor grandpa....:)


8. Point taken :)


9. This is something to see when you open your windows for some fresh air! :)


10. Must - get - through! ! !


11. For some it's the same thing...


12. And what possibly could I dry else? Well...:)


13. This is clever :)


14. So what! I thought it was shallow water! :))


15. Human flesh!??


16. It has everything a bit!


17. No kidding!


18. Better get out :)


19. :))


20. There is no room for one!


21. This is epic indeed!


22. Interesting sign...


23. Ahh reality will be painful! :)




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