Things illegal in Iran

While looking at these things that are forbidden I thought this might be the saddest place on earth. It isn't about Youtube or Facebook, it's about freedom and this is something Iran government doesn't know anything about! When you see this you will understand how lucky you are because you can have these simple pleasures that make people happy! Of course there are things that should be forbidden like alcohol and such, but pet dogs or cats can't hurt anybody that much so you have to ban them! Please take a look and see for yourself! :)

1. Pony tails


2. Rap music


3. Barbie


4. George Michael


5. Batman


6. Skinny jeans


7. Alcohol


8. Pet cats


9. Mullets


10. Movie ''300''


11. Brightly colored hair


12. Mannequins


13. Pork


14. Grills


15. Protein supplements


16. The DaVinci code


17. Harry Potter


18. Spiked hair


19. Tattoos


20. Valentine's day


21. Homosexuals


22. Facebook


23. Neck ties


24. GMail


25. Studying political sciences


26. Jorts


27. Youtube


28. Pet dogs




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