Crazy and weird signs

It isn't very often oppurtunity that you will find something like this, but when you do it would surely catch your attention. These signs let you ask yourself what kind of people puts them there! Take a closer look and you will notice the oddity about them.

1. It's always a dead end..


2. Doesn't look so dangerous on this picture


3. At least it has a unique name..


4. It doesn't say ''good'' business


5. ...and everybody is here :)


6. And what did you use for this sign? :))


7. This sign says enough for itself...


8. Make sure to keep the dark in!!


9. Drowning machine?! It's like a warning for a seven year-old...


10. Chinese way to say ''dead end''..


11. To turn left, or not to turn? That is the question..


12. Everything is said in these few sings..:)


13. Oh thanks for the warning!!


14. This is smart...:)


15. Is this supposed to be a joke or what? :))


16. Of course Simpsons did it...


17. This is one convincing name for a store...


18. Yeah right...and where is  the water??




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