Weird buildings

We all see buildings all around us and don't quite give much attention to it, but there are some rare occasions when they make us laugh. People or often underestimated when it's about their ways of finding stupid and unexpleainable solutions to simple problems. Sometimes they will really take an effort and make or build something that even they can't explain. Check this pictures out and you will quickly see what we mean! And please, enjoy! :)

1. I suppose you bring TV with you?


2. Interesting place for a door..


3. This is very ''friendly'' of them..


4. Wonder how he got a permit for this...


5. This is one stable construction! :)


6. And what's this supposed to be?!


7. What is there to say..These guys like television..:)


8. What could possibly go wrong? :)


9. Perfect solution!


10. There is no help for this guy...


11. This is almost artistic...


12. This looks like some kind of optical isn't a one...


13. ''Why should we put normal windows?!!''


14. This one is epic! I suppose this is latest wind protection technology!


15. Stairway to nowhere!


16. It is almost one building :))


17. Is this a joke or what?!!


18. Important thing is that it keeps us warm! :)


19. This looks safe!


20. You could fit a hidrant in these holes!


21. It is safer to jump through the window than to go down these stairs!


22. These stairs are only for the bravest!




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