Weird and incredible inventions from the past

From the beginning of human kind, we have always had a need for inventing and making our lives as easier as possible! So it is no wonder that people in past few centuries also wanted to create something that would make a difference! Although these interesting inventions didn't stand the test of time, they are proof that someone was thinking! Please look at some of them and pick your favourite! Enjoy!

1. Portable ''Radio hat''


2. Piano designed for people who are confined to bed


3. Bulletproof glass


4. Protection from snow


5. Electrically heated vest powered by electric contacts on the streets


6. Extensible caravan


7. Swimming aid made from bike tires!


8. Pram with installed radio, antenna and loudspeaker


9. Car with shovel for pedestrians - unbelieveable


10. All-road vehicle


11. Glasses for reading while you are in bed


12. Folding bridge for emergency cases


13. Gas proof pram


14. Motorcycle with only one wheel


15. Bicycle that can ride on road and water!


16. Handgun with camera that takes a picture when you pull the trigger


17. Early GPS that rolled map depending on the speed of car


18. Faxing newspaper




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